Quick Facts

  • Red Frogs Australia Chaplaincy Network was founded in 1997
  • 1,500 volunteers are recruited annually each year and are the heartbeat of the Red Frogs network
  • 17 Schoolies locations Australia wide with over 70,000 School leavers attending
  • Operating in 26 major Universities and over 140 Residential Colleges across Australia.
  • Serving over 118,175  students in O-Week University partied in 2012
  • Over 10,500 calls were received on the Red Frog Hotline in 2012 during Schoolies week
  • Over 10 tonne of Allen's Frogs Alive red Frogs lollies will be distributed in 2012
  • Red Frogs present to over 45,000 school students on safe partying options for Schoolies and year 11 students.
  • Red Frog international locations include South Africa, New Zealand, UK, Poland and Canada.
  • Red Frogs now supports musical festivals and other large events. Some of these events includes Woodford Folk Festival, Groovin the Moo and Splendour in the Grass.

Who Are the Red Frog Volunteers?

Volunteers are the heroes of Red Frogs Australia and it takes more than 1,500 people nationally to provide programs each year. They devote their time to others and unite together to provide solutions, support and safety for this generation of young people.

Red Frog volunteers…

  • Have a heart for young people
  • Are committed and serving in a local church and can provide a pastoral referee.
  • (Schoolies Volunteers) Are available during the week of schoolies in their local or chosen area and can be involved in onsite hotel chaplaincy, catering, administration, call centre, prayer support and/or entertainment.
  • (University Volunteers) Are available throughout the year to be part of Red Frog Crews at Uni Parties, Festivals, Events and other Red Frog programs.
  • Are aged 18 years or older.
  • Agree to abide by the Red Frogs Volunteers Code of Conduct and Terms and Conditions of volunteering.
  • Understand that at any time Red Frogs Australia can terminate their engagement as a volunteer and if termination of a volunteer agreement occurs will be required to hand back their Red Frogs volunteer shirt and I.D tag.
  • Acknowledge that Red Frogs has a chaplaincy component to the program and therefore volunteers must understand and accept their role as a chaplain during the program.  Whereby a volunteer applicant cannot provide sufficient proof that they would be able to uphold this part of the program their application may not be approved.

To become a Red Frog Volunteer at Schoolies you need to:

  • Register online at redfrogs.com Registration includes the ability by an applicant to provide pastoral referee details. Registration generally opens half way through the year.