What We Do

School Leavers Program

Also known as Schoolies Week, Matric Rage and Spring Break

The Red Frog Crew assist school-leavers by walking young people home, cooking pancakes, cleaning rooms, handing out Allen’s Red Frogs and most importantly, offering emotional support through what can often be a challenging week.

To see more on these programs go to either Australia or South Africa.

University Support Program

Red Frogs Chaplaincy Network begun in Australia at schoolies week in 1997 and moved into supporting university students in 2002. Similar to the school leavers program, Red Frogs aims to support university students by getting in the middle of student and party culture and positive role modelling the message that you don’t need alcohol and drugs to have a good time. This is done by:

1. Party Support

In parties, festivals and large events the Red Frog Crew provide ‘hydration stations’. These stations are a chill-out zone for university students to get free water, donuts and icy poles (frozen water flavoured ice blocks). Having the presence of Red Frog volunteers in the middle of a party reduces the risk of harmful behaviours and extensive damage that can occur when students are in an alcohol-fuelled environment.

2. Non-Alcoholic Events

The Red Frog Crew can provide assistance with not only implementing non-alcoholic events, but also in helping student committees to plan them. Red Frogs run cafe crawls (as alternative to pub crawls), games nights and random acts of pancakes. This gives an option to students who may not want to drink but still have an opportunity to meet people and to fit into university culture.

To see more on the university programs go to the AustralianNew ZealandSouth AfricaPolandUnited Kingdom or Canadian websites.

Festivals & Event Support

Red Frogs support music festivals and large events all around the world. The Red Frog Crew primarily act as an intermediary between the patronage and other service providers (e.g. Security and First Aid providers), referring those patrons who may be in need to the appropriate services.

If you would like more information on the festival support offered by Red Frogs check out the Australian, South African, United Kingdom and Canadian websites.