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Meet Dan Terry

The pioneer of Red Frogs USA

Dan has been volunteering with Red Frogs Australia for 10 years and now (after selling pretty much everything he owns) he has packed his bags for the United States of America.

A heart for the young people of America

# Letter from the National Director Dan Terry

At the core of Red Frogs USA is the heart to provide direct relief from alcohol-and drug-related issues that are known to cause anxiety, suffering, distress and helplessness amongst the youth of our nation.

They are the next generation of leaders, business entrepreneurs, teachers, engineers, environmentalists and parents. They are our future. In our vision the word “safeguard” speaks of harm minimisation through early intervention. We want to be the fence at the top of the cliff not the ambulance at the bottom. Since 1997 we have been the best friend you never knew you had, protecting and guarding young people from destructive consequences of unsafe behaviour.

We believe we will see a radical reduction in the rates of sexual assault as well as injuries caused from intoxication, unsafe hazing practices and drug use in alcohol fuelled environments due to the services we provide as and organisation.

Dan Terry
Red Frogs USA National Director

We understand the pressures placed upon young people, whether that's moving cities to study, making friends or finding new support networks, we get it… it can take its toll. That’s why we are here to help.