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Information for Volunteersaka. 'Froggers'

Our volunteers are fun-loving, generous and have an incredible heart for others.

Beyond that, Red Frogs are a part of something bigger than themselves or even their community - they're a part of a global network of volunteers who are playing their part in safeguarding young people and positively impacting culture for generations to come!

If you love people, want to meet other like-minded people, develop your leadership skills and be a part of something bigger - 'Frogging' may just be for you.

Red Frogs are a part of something bigger than themselves.

#Volunteer Requirements


Have a heart for young people


Over the age of 18


Due to the nature of the volunteer work each volunteer must provide a chaplaincy reference


Agree to abide by the Red Frogs Volunteers Code of Conduct and Terms and Conditions of volunteering

#Meet Grace

Red Frogs reshapes a generation into one that looks for the best in each other beyond their mistakes, and hopes for those who are lacking hope themselves.

Red Frog Volunteer

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Share a story

Got a story of how you or another Frogger helped someone in need? We'd love to hear!


Please share your feedback or ideas on how we can improve.

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