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Info for Festival Volunteers

Red Frogs are the eyes and ears at music festival events, providing support and medical referral to festival-goers in their time of need.

If you love people, and you love music, then becoming a Festival Frog is for you. Red Frogs caters to a wide variety of festival events from local one-day festivals to the larger week-long camping festivals across the United States.

get connected with others who have a like minded passion for the next generation

#What we do


Handing out water in the pit of the stage and at hydration stations

First Response

Roaming the festival and camping grounds to ensure patrons are safe, and to provide immediate help where needed.

Red Frogs (of course)

Each festival has a chill-out area so patrons can take time out from the mosh pit, hang out with us and grab some frogs!

Free Food

Where possible, we provide food - which helps to line the stomachs of patrons who might be drinking excessively.

#Volunteer Requirements


Over the age of 18


Volunteer fee when applicable

Most festivals are free to volunteer although some larger camping festivals require a small catering fee.


Pastoral or Character Reference

From your local church.

#Express your interest

Ready to make a difference? Apply below and we will be in touch as soon as possible with next steps.

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